William Wilson Memorial Annual Scholarship Fund

wilsonfamilyThe William Wilson Memorial Scholarship Fund, so named by Pastor Walker, had a humble beginning.  The late Pastor William Wilson had a great thirst for knowledge characterized by his continuous pursuit of education.  Pastor Wilson was enrolled and attended Wayne State University studying psychology.  Pastor Wilson had a great love and appreciation for education for himself, also having a strong desire for the youth and young people of our church who were the recipients of financial aid that helped them to go to college and other institutions of higher learning.

When the Lord sent Reverend Larry J. Walker Sr., little did we know that God was giving our church family a “shepherd according to his own heart”. He was well educated in both the secular and sacred fields, and would intensify his own acquisition of knowledge.  He would also create greater resources for our youth to attend institution of higher learning.  One of those resources is the “Annual Scholarship Fund Banquet” with a program souvenir booklet.

Pastor Walker continued to enhance the education offerings of our church and under his leadership we continue to give scholarship aid to more of our young people.  An Educational facility was erected and given the name of the late Pastor William Wilson.

In 2004, the Lord placed on Pastor Walker’s  heart  a new program. –  The Education Investors Program. We ask that one hundred of our members commit to give and/or raise $100.00 dollars for our youth.  This program along with the annual banquet and program booklet allows the church to help more of our students with their financial expenses.

The world will take little note, nor have long memory of what we say here, but it will never forget what we do here; and that is to perpetuate an idea, advanced by the United Negro College Fund “A Mind is A Terrible Thing to Waste.”

If you would like to place an ad in our annual scholarship fund souvenir banquet booklet,  please click here to download an advertisement form. Take a few moments to complete the form and return TODAY to:

Oakland Ave Missionary Baptist Church

309 Harper

Detroit, MI 48202

Attn: Khamisi Benford, Program Booklet Coordinator or email at: k_benford@comcast.net