In his book “Graduate of Greatness” Andrew James Shares some very insightful insights on how to achieve greatness through excellence in all endeavors.  Regardless of your GPA, your choice of school or your career path, true greatness can be achieved.  Greatness can be defined as “remarkable in degree of effectiveness, distinguished, superior in quality, remarkably skilled.”  However, the key to achieving greatness is not ultimately found in your GPA, the school of your choice or your career path.  It cannot be discovered in your personality, temperament or your talents.  The key to achieving true greatness is your character.  Regardless of your circumstances, if your attitudes  and behavior are of superior quality and significantly skilled, you can break through any barrier, overcome obstacles, transcend and limitation and maximize any opportunity that come your way.  You must commit to and maintain a tenacity that never permits you to give up.  You must posses a relentless grip on your personal pursuit for greatness.  You must also be forewarned that the road will not always be easy.  There will be a myriad of obstacles, opposition and difficultly.  But remember that it is always too soon to quit.  In spite of our circumstances, keep pressing forward, even when the going is rough.  Be like the postage stamp-stick to one thing until you get there.  Eventually you will arrive.  As Charles H. Spurgeon wrote, “By perseverence the snail reached the Ark.”  Stay focused.  Remain determined.  You may have talent, but without tenacity it will be wasted.  You may do well academically, but without tenacity it will go unrewarded.  Always remember that true greatness come through diligent, tenacious hard work. Learn to differentiate and maximize those significant moments.  Why? Because you are just a short step away from greatness.  Press on and just do it.

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